Shock tools


TAQA shock tools’ unique designs fit differing global applications from large-diameter, high-temperature geothermal wells to slim hole shale applications paired with vibratory/agitation tools.

Shock subs are built to fit your specific application, designed and engineered for maximum efficiency across applications ranging from straight hole conventional to ERD applications, and are compatible paired with multiple vibratory tools/agitation tools.


Bit bounce, shock, vibration, and other erratic drilling conditions can cause significant damage to your Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and bit, resulting in compromised drilling performance. This can lead to prolonged drilling times and increased associated costs.


TAQA’s ST5 drilling shock tool features a configurable Belleville spring stack with a high-grade oil, sealed at high temperatures. It’s also designed with carbide-coated components, ensuring optimal performance for any fluid type, ranging from high content brine to oil-based mud. With the ST5 drilling shock tool, TAQA offers a reliable solution for achieving superior drilling performance.


At TAQA, we offer a comprehensive tool configuration process that is tailored to your specific drilling conditions. Our capabilities cover both tricone and PDC bits, delivering optimal performance. Whether it’s a soft or stiff configuration, single or dual-acting stroke, we can provide precise tools optimized for your application.

Main features

  •  Reduces bit damage.
  •  Reduces shock and vibration.
  •  Double-acting.
  • Compatible with vibratory tools.


We offer a variety of sizes and configurations in order to fit your specific application, from 4.75″ od to 14″ od, we can accommodate. The entirety of TAQA’s ST5 shock tool designs can be adapted to fit a variety of configurations, providing a larger operating range and the ability to tolerate the pressure pulse from a vibratory tool, facilitating accurate extension and compression that ensures effective weight transfer.