The CHALLENGER™ Electric Straddle Tool is a coiled tubing conveyed multizone isolation tool for well stimulation, selective chemical placement and diagnostics applications. Downhole well data is streamed real-time to surface for increased treatment effectiveness and 100% placement verification.

CHALLENGER™ Straddle Tool is a fully electric operated, coiled tubing conveyed isolation tool with real-time two-way communication system. Downhole pressure and temperature is continuously monitored in the isolated zone, above top packer element and below lower packer element. This allows for verification of placement and accurate confirmation of the actual downhole pressure and temperature prior and throughout the injection treatment. Breakthrough, communication or leak to zone above or below will be detected immediately. The elements are multi-set allowing multiple zones to be independently isolated and treated in one run in hole.

Real time downhole sensor readout to surface for increased treatment effectiveness

  • Real-time comparison of expected and actual downhole parameters above, in between and below the packers
  • Enabling on-line decision making based on actual downhole observations
  • 100% verification of using equipment and well tubulars within specifications
  • Extend stimulation treatment period as indicated by downhole observations, or shortened treatment when observed ineffective
  • Reduced stimulation liquid volumes leading to reduced stimulation cost by up to 90%
  • Stimulation data log for optimization of future treatment designs

Downhole depth control for finding perforations and packer placement

  • Real-time verification of packer placement in relation to perforations, avoiding damage to packers and reduces cost by avoiding additional trips
  • Correct packer placement when straddling perforations for improved placement of treatment fluid
  • 100% verification of placing treatment fluid in the desired well section, leading to higher production

Passing through wellbore restrictions and set packers in a larger internal diameter, while maintaining high packer pressure rating and cycles

  • Capable for through-tubing services, which increases the number of well candidates
  • High expansion mechanical packer, with higher reliability than inflatable packers, while maintaining higher pressure rating
  • Increased number of packer setting cycles, leading to increased number of treatment intervals per run, reduced number of runs and reduced cost
  • Reduced risk of hanging up when tripping out of hole through restrictions, compared to inflatable packers

Activate packers electrically, instead of hydraulically (pumping through CT) or mechanically (push/pull from CT)

  • CT (Coiled Tubing) is just the conveyance method for the electric straddle. No manipulation is required by the CT for setting packers – force or pumping. Less wear (cycling) on CT leading to less cost and complexity.
  • Downhole pressure isolation can be “diagnosed”, as soon as packers are set, without pumping through the CT, which disturbs downhole pressures.
  • Downhole pressure between the packers can be observed in real-time and used for diagnostic purposes before treatment starts.
  • Increased reach into the horizontal well section, allowing more perforations and potential for increased production, as no force manipulation from the CT is required

Operate packers and valves independently from each other

  • Individual activation of the two packer elements allow for effective circulation to change well fluids or circulate out debris. Saving operational time. It further extend the operational capabilities of the Straddle
  • Increase control of “operational sequence” with confirmation of packers set in real-time. Time savings due to reduced complexity and less verification to perform.
  • Setting one packer first and verify “downhole isolation” response is possible, giving early indication of success chance for stimulation treatment.
  • 100% control of packer status when setting and un-setting

Downhole tension compression

  • Control of forces acting on electric straddle downhole in real-time
  • Increased reliability due to avoiding unintentional tool movement downhole, which can damage the packers

Electric power and communication to bottom of tool, allowing running straddle in combination with other electric tools

  • Logging or perforation equipment
  • Significantly reduced cost by enabling single run operation


Tool OD: 3,5"
Tool ID: 1"
Makeup Length: 4.5" Casing 9,5# - 13,6#
Max Ambient Pressure: 10.000psi
Max Temperature: 302degF / 150degC
Max Differential Pressure over packer: 7.500psi
H2S service compatible


The CHALLENGER™ Electric Straddle Tool