HIMS12 Vessel is a PSV vessel that was converted to a Simulation Vessel custom designed to match the requirements of ADNOC offshore Type B Stimulation Vessel. At AlMansoori, years of Marine, Stimulation and Engineering have been vested to come up with an integrated solution for Stimulation and Pumping services. This vessel is ideal for the purpose of Type B requirement as it can be modified to fit the acid storage tanks below deck as per the CAD drawings presented within this brochure. Upon completion of conversion, this vessel is able to hold up to 200k USG of Raw HCL.


HIMS12 offers 10,500 HHP of hydraulic horsepower for 10,000 psi treatment pressure with the highest level of flexibility and rapid response to weather changes. Total 200,000-gal storage capacity of raw HCl under deck.

  • Up to 50 Barrel per minute continuous fly mixing and pumping;
  • 10 x 1,500 gal precisely metered Chemical tanks with precision dosagepumps;
  • On the fly Acid blender;
  • 10 k psi 4’’ X 200 ft flexible HP hose.

All treatments are controlled and monitored remotely using a state-of-the-art control room ensuring proper quality control of the treatment pumped. Thanks to onboard treatment design capabilities, operation sequences and volumes alteration based on formation response are made possible allowing real-time treatment optimization.