TAQA presents Threlix™, a patented technology designed to assist operators in mitigating drilling dysfunctions while drilling with rotary steerable systems (RSS). By balancing downhole torque against downhole weight on bit (WOB), Threlix™ ensures a smooth and consistent depth of cut at the drill bit, effectively eliminating erratic torque, stick-slip, and HFTO (high-frequency torsional oscillation) which can lead to bit and downhole tool DBR’s, Tool failures and costly trips out of the hole.


When encountering excess torque during drilling operations, Threlix™ instantly adjusts its length to maintain a consistent depth of cut at the bit interface preventing stick-slip scenarios, ensuring optimal drilling progress leading to exceptional performance, reduced damages, and minimized section times.

Application & Results

Threlix™ is engineered with a proprietary helical spring that facilitates both compression and extension, enabling it to meet any drilling application. Furthermore, its 100% sealed spring and spline sections significantly enhance downhole reliability and performance, eliminating the need for costly post-run maintenance and reducing associated risks.

Main features

    ● Mitigate torsional vibrations – stick-slip and HFTO
    ● Increase RSS reliability
    ● Minimize damages to PDC bits, MWD, and LWD tools
    ● Decrease axial and lateral vibrations
    ● Reduce R&M costs of downhole drilling tools
    ● Reduce drilling time and costs
    ● Proprietary helical spring design
    ● Components are fully enclosed and oil-sealed
    ● Compatible with all RSS
    ● Dual acting – extension, and compression
    ● Applications engineering support


  • Operates in Compression and Tension for maximum operating window
  • 100% Oil Sealed internal components, minimizing damages from drilling fluids and R&M costs
  • Proprietary Helical Spring design to reduce fatigue and increase reliability
  • Full bore ID for minimal pressure drop across the tool
  • High-torque internal connections
  • High-Temperature configuration available


Threlix Animation - Transform challenges into triumphs