TAQA’s ESG framework that outlines the environmental and social accountability demonstrated by the company to illustrate the extent of their responsible practice and governance.

Now globally regarded as integral to the investment potential of an organization and their operational capacity, in addition to the wider necessity for climatically responsible practice, a holistic approach to ESG is essential for the success of a business.

At TAQA, we believe that environmentally responsible and sustainable business conduct is integral to both our individual success as a company, and the collective global interest. We are therefore committed to streamlining our operations to minimise impact and maximise the preservation of natural resources. We have expressed and continue to uphold our commitment to international and national sustainability targets by diminishing TAQA’s carbon footprint and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2060 in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s initiative. We understand that change within our industry holds great potential for valuable impact, and we are dedicated to contributing to this positive transformation. We work in partnership with our clients to guide their reduction in carbon emissions, and the continuous development of our innovative technology facilitates new, less impactful methods of practice that will ultimately aid the oil and gas industry’s essential transition to a low carbon economy.

Community is at the heart of all that we do at TAQA, our commitment to nurturing a positive, enriching culture extends from our own people and partners to the societies we operate within. We therefore invest heavily in our team’s personal development, as well as funding initiatives that serve local people, generate jobs and improve economies. Our core values are shared company-wide and imbue all corners of our operations, ensuring consistent, responsible practice and unity on our mission to grow sustainably.

We strive to ensure exemplary governance by nurturing an accountable, ethical, and conscious business management system to best serve both our people and operations. We pledge to authentic transparency in our footprint calculations, emissions reduction reporting and our sustainability goals. We will enhance our sustainability mission with honest communication and factual marketing, as well as exercising our environmental program in conjunction with the TAQA business strategy and company objectives. We commit to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a proposal that offers a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity” through active contribution to selected SDG’s within our programs, activities and initiatives in 2023 and beyond.