TAQA Well Completions

TAQA’s Well Completions, provides industry leading completion solutions and well services that deliver returns and create value for clients by significantly improving well performance and reservoir recovery.

Specialising in advanced completions and production optimisation, TAQA provides completions tools, chemistries, modelling, and visualisation software to address challenges in the most complex of conventional and unconventional reservoirs throughout the life cycle of the well. With its unique blend of mechanical, chemical, and digital expertise, the company is already advanced in its journey towards digital well management.


Using its highly experienced, skilled team, TAQA engages with customers to develop an understanding of their specific challenges and performance metrics. Experts then recommend solutions from TAQA’s innovative portfolio of reservoir monitoring, data visualisation, sand and inflow control, zonal isolation, chemistries, and intelligent completions and in some cases, develops new technology for challenges that may not currently have a solution.

Taking this collaborative approach ensures that client objectives are achieved, and expectations met. Some of the challenges being addressed with TAQA’s technology include: uneven drainage, excessive gas and/or water, inefficient injection, sand and/or fines production, crossflow, scale build up, inefficient stimulation, failed safety valves and interval control. Addressing these challenges significantly improves productivity and/or reservoir sweep and ultimately improves reservoir recovery.

Services & Products

TAQA’s technologies can be grouped into five categories: reservoir monitoring, sand and inflow control, zonal isolation, production enhancement chemistries and wireless completions. Each of the categories has a wide range of products within it and three of those have already been gamechangers in terms of production efficiency.

TAQA’s FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) allows oil to be produced while restricting unwanted water and gas production and has been pivotal in making major projects throughout the world more economically efficient and maximising reservoir drainage.

TAQA’s PulseEight dynamic downhole reservoir management system is the world’s first re-deployable wireless completion with control, power, monitoring and communications already on board. In contrast to a fixed intelligent completion, operators can deploy PulseEight systems on wireline in any well at any depth, programme it to dynamically manage drainage with infinite variability. It can then pull, re-programme and re-deploy elsewhere and in the case of the PulseEight Intelligent Safety Valve, allow wells that have been shut in due to a safety valve failure, to be re-opened.

TAQA’s FloFuse is a control valve which enables water, oil, natural gas and CO2 injection or production at normal distributed rates but chokes once a trigger rate is exceeded facilitating uniform matrix injection or production in reservoirs with significant variations in permeability.