TAQA Drilling Solutions

TAQA Drilling Solution’s – Edmonton Alberta, Canada is the heart of the company, feeding the global product and service demand through top tier engineering, manufacturing, and support functions.

This Center has undergone significant improvements and evolutions over the past several years; under the direct support of the parent organization – TAQA. These are not small changes; they are what TAQA would describe as “game changing” taking TAQA’s Drilling Solutions from an OEM of downhole mechanical products to a company capable of creating everything from a simple downhole sub all the way to fit for purpose circuit boards and everything in between. TAQA, as an organization supported by the Center of Excellence will expand it’s brand and presence globally in the coming years, and the industry will take notice.


From hand lathes to 5 axis machines the Drilling Centre of Excellence has the machining capabilities to cut even the most dynamic components required for complex downhole tool manufacturing and service, encompassing a 40,000 sq. ft facility supported by a group of senior and new talent. Working directly aside the manufacturing team Cougar has invested heavily in research and development, consistently hiring top engineering and testing talent to continuously introduce new products and improve existing lines. This team holds capabilities in everything from: complex circuit creation and testing including extreme temperature testing in both hot and cold environments, bench testing of mechanical and electronic equipment, and simulated real world drilling conditions. enabling one of the most dynamic and capable Drilling Tool Centre’s on the planet.


Services and Products

Since 1969 Cougar has designed, manufactured, and deployed industry leading downhole drilling tools: starting from humble beginnings in the downhole shock sub and drilling jar space, then later evolving and growing into niche products such as the Mechanical Thruster and ION – Downhole Data Capture. Through this journey Cougar has introduced additional products including Positive Displacement Motors, Multiple types of Stabilization and Reamer technology and a full suite of Directional Drilling products and services to support the needs of our global clientele. But, that’s not all, Cougar is currently investing in disruptive technologies that will continue to increase our competitive capabilities and place the company in a unique position within the Drilling Industry.