Al Kaser Stimulation vessel is one of the most advanced stimulation vessels owned by AlMansoori. Years of Marine, Stimulation and Engineering have been vested to come up with a complete solution for Stimulation and Pumping services. The vessel has been fully utilized in the Arabian Gulf for stimulation applications in different countries with an excellent safety and service delivery record.

Al Kaser offers up to 5,400 HHP of hydraulic horse power at 10,000 psi of treatment pressure with the highest level of flexibility and rapid response to weather changes. With 63,000 gal storage capacity of 32% HCl under deck, the vessel can provide:

  • Up to 20 Barrel per minute continuous fly mixing and pumping;
  • 6 x 1,000 gal precisely metered Chemical tanks with dosage pumps;
  • 2 x 100 barrels batch mixing.

All treatments are controlled and monitored remotely using a state-of-the-art control room, in addition to a full QAQC at all times. With full treatment design capabilities on board, real-time operation sequence and volumes alteration based on formation response is possible allowing full treatment optimization.


Dynamic Positioning System

Al Kaser is equipped with DP II system and fully trained and certified crew to allow the vessel to remain in a fixed position while stimulation treatment is carried out in weather conditions up to 14 ft. of sea swell.


Al Kaser has been providing first in class stimulation services for multiple customers in the Middle East since 2014. Treatments have been ranging from large volume Coiled Tubing and Bull heading HCl stimulation to scale inhibition treatments.