TAQA Well Intervention

TAQA’s Well Intervention, creates coiled tubing tool solutions as part of their commitment to developing the next generation of technological solutions to enhance the productivity of oil and gas reservoirs worldwide.

Specialising in advanced real-time coiled tubing tools, TAQA facilitate reliable, precise operator control in CT operations of any complexity. The company’s blend of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise has sparked the creation of coiled tubing inventions that have revolutionised well management and recovery for the oil and gas industry.


With cutting-edge solutions that measure, interpret and evaluate stimulation treatments in real-time, Target’s premium tools can significantly improve reservoir recovery on an unparalleled scale. They develop superior equipment that increases safety, reduces time and cost, and helps rapidly overcome obstacles traditionally associated with well performance. Their advanced data extraction capability clarifies understanding of downhole conditions to inform operations and guide increased efficiency. This unique technology facilitates correct tool positioning and surface control functionality to allow superior operational control. Electrically operated, the Target tools provide an unmatched capacity for depth, accuracy and precision.

Services & Products

Target have developed three key downhole systems that revolutionise well treatments globally. The first is Target’s Challenger Straddle Tool – an electrically operated coiled tubing multizone isolation tool for well stimulation, chemical placements and diagnostics applications. The second is the Target Discovery Tool, an intelligent downhole well test tool, with a design so unique it permits build-up shut-in formation testing, flowing of the well, acid stimulation or nitrogen lift all within one run operation. Finally, the Target Explorer Instrumentation sub combines big bore flow-thru proficiency with real-time down hole pressure, temperature, compression force and torque data collection.