TAQA’s FloCompact Sand Screen Range provides premium sand control used either in isolation or in conjunction with one of TAQA’s extensive range of flow control devices, compatible for installation on pipe anywhere in the world.  The screen and flow control housing is mechanically attached to the base pipe using field-proven anchoring methodology as demonstrated by TAQA’s range of zonal isolation sleeves. FloCompact Sand Screen offers the celebrated benefits of TAQA’s welded sand screens whilst affording the flexibility to be installed anywhere. The sand screen can be deployed as a stand-alone option (FloMax Compact) or in conjunction with TAQA’s passive (FloRight Compact) or autonomous (FloSure Compact) inflow control devices to regulate flow and create a highly effective sand control solution.  These screens are also compatible with the newest generation of injection and production valve technology from TAQA, including FloCheck, FloExtreme and FloFuse ranges.


Compact Sub

The Compact Sub range comprises short sub-assemblies capable of housing multiple flow control valves for production and/or injection and features a shroud to protect the valves from solids.

The FloSure Compact Sub incorporates TAQA’s FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICDs), blanks and FloCheck Inject valves, and the FloRight Compact Sub incorporates TAQA’s passive FloRight inflow control devices and blanks. In each case, the valves/blanks are installed into the sub using the same thread body, meaning they are interchangeable.