ScaleFix SSD-E


A unique sulfate scale dissolver with the ability to dissolve extremely high amounts of sulfate scale in a shorter amount of time: ScaleFix SSD-E is a unique sulfate scale dissolver that has double the solubility ability of K₅DTPA, a leading chemistry used in this application.

The high sulfate dissolving capability of ScaleFix SSD-E means that less volume is required compared to other leading chemistries. Typically, large volumes are required to totally dissolve the scale and the wellbore volume dictates how much volume can be spotted for a soaking treatment at any given time. Additionally, ScaleFix SSD-E has a higher rate of dissolution compared to competing chemistries which reduces the amount of soaking time required. The dissolution rate of sulfate does increase with temperature – ScaleFix SSD-E performs best at temperatures above 40˚C (104˚F). Treatment times vary between 8 – 24 hours depending on the temperature and degree of agitation.