DTS System Accessories and Remote Set-up


TAQA’s DTS system accessories for permanent downhole installations are designed to provide a comprehensive pressure rated DTS system that enhances well and reservoir understanding.

Minibend Assembly:

TAQA provides a 15kpsi @ 175°C rated splice housing for the bottom of the DTS cable which facilitates double ended DTS measurement. The fitting is pressure testable which confirms integrity before proceeding further with the installation. A custom-made clamp is used to secure the mini-bend to the tubing or casing.


TAQA provides a 10kpsi @ 175°C rated splice housing for connection above a feed-through packer. Each fitting is pressure testable, confirming integrity before proceeding further with the installation. A custom-made clamp is used to secure the mini-saddle to the tubing or casing.

Wellhead Outlet (WHO):

TAQA provides up to 15kpsi wellhead outlet to act as a pressure barrier between downhole and surface. The WHO also provides the housing for the splice between the downhole cable and the surface cable.

Remote Set-up

TAQA’s surface DTS set-up o­ffers the most advanced and reliable solution for monitoring harsh and remote environments.
In remote locations, a surface enclosure mounted to a stand can be assembled and a remotely operational surface system can be utilised to collect DTS data. The surface enclosure can house multiple surface accessories and provides protection against a wide range of weather conditions.

Oryx+ DTS Unit

TAQA’s Oryx+ DTS unit is designed for outdoor installations and can operate in climates ranging from desert to sub-zero. Installed inside the surface enclosure, the DTS unit will measure temperature from the enclosure all the way to the bottom of the wellbore.

Server Based Data Collector

Data from the DTS unit can be taken manually. However, TAQA can provide a server-based data collector which will allow the data to be transferred from the DTS unit remotely. This remote access also equips TAQA with the unique ability to change the configuration of the DTS unit offsite.

Solar Equipment:

If a power supply is not available at the well site, TAQA can provide a solar panel set-up which will power any electrical devices inside the enclosure.