Side Pocket Mandrel


The Side Pocket Mandrel can be designed to house a gas lift valve which typically measures 1” or 1½” diameter.

This allows gas from the annulus to be injected into the flow stream via a port to aid in the lifting of produced hydrocarbons.

TAQA’s side pocket mandrel plug is designed as a dummy valve to provide isolation to damaged or leaking side pocket mandrels and gas lift valves. TAQA’s patented elastomer technology is designed to deliver extremely reliable zonal isolation barriers across a range of temperature and salinity profiles.

With our in-house capability to custom design a range of sealing solutions, from non-standard diameters to unique fluid parameters, TAQA will ensure the end result is the perfect bespoke fit for your well project. TAQA’s oil and water swellable elastomers operate within a wide temperature range from 32°F (0°C) to 480°F (250°C) and are rated to 5,000 psi continuous working pressure.