PulseEight™ Control


Want to be able to control your well with the touch of a button?

TAQA’s re-deployable PulseEight Control can provide a multitude of flow control functionalities without the need for cables or control lines.

The PulseEight Control can be deployed as part of the upper or lower completion, for scenarios such as new wells and workovers or in multilateral wells allowing the control of individual bores. Alternatively, it can be easily retrofitted into existing wells, deployed by all conventional intervention means, and mounted via lock mandrel, packer or retrievable bridge plug to be positioned at an optimal depth.

The system can respond to commands from surface, or autonomously to changes in the well environment. The device can also be reconfigured whilst in the well using wirelessly transmitted instructions from the surface. The wireless communication uses our Fluid Harmonics telemetry system, and in many cases can utilise the existing wellhead equipment to interface with the downhole valve. An infinitely variable choke mechanism creates a tuned wellbore production profile not otherwise possible with conventional systems.

The depth of functionalities results in a wide range of applications for the PulseEight Control; from controlling water coning and ingress, to helping manage surface pressure drops associated with hydrate mitigation. The potential for flow control without the use of wires is truly maximised with this tool.

Each PulseEight Control comes with the capability of two-way Fluid Harmonics communication to provide information without the need for cables or control lines, providing essential information for the effective management of optimal well production.