PulseEight™ Secure


Do you want to regain lost production and value from shut-in wells?

PulseEight Secure, offers a simple retrofit solution to safely restore production or injection in wells via an in-operational safety valve.

PulseEight Secure is a retrofittable system that can be deployed into the well via conventional intervention methodologies. It can be mounted to a lock mandrel, packer or retrievable bridge plug, then programmed with various trigger points to allow the tool to take immediate action on either emergency shutdown or a loss of containment incident. In many cases we can utilise the existing wellhead equipment to interface with the downhole valve.

The self-monitoring device also uses Fluid Harmonics to send a daily health-check (Vitality Pulse) wirelessly back to surface to confirm its operational and battery status, ensuring the operator has confidence in the tool when required. Additionally, the PulseEight Secure can be configured to work autonomously based on changes in downhole conditions or on pre-set timer.

PulseEight Secure has been tested to a high standard as per API 14A V2 for production or injection.


TAQA - PulseEight Secure