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  • 21 March 2022

TAQA Strategy Realization on a Roll

The Industrialization and Energy Services Company “TAQA”; is pleased to welcome Ghassan Mirdad to its subsidiary, the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), as the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Transforming the Arabian Drilling Company is one of the most important tactics of the TAQA 2021 strategy, which focuses on addressing the needs of “Shareholders, Customers and People.”

“The ADC transformation journey started last year when the shareholders approved changing its legal structure from a Limited Liability to a Closed Joint Stock company in preparation for the successful issuance of Sukuk (bonds) early this year. The next step in its transformation journey is to introduce independent directors and change the company’s structure to appoint a competent Chief Executive Officer in preparation for public offering when the market is ready. TAQA’s commitment to our shareholders is value creation which is well demonstrated through the ADC transformation plan and TAQA 2021 strategy.”
Khalid M. Nouh, TAQA Chief Executive Officer & ADC Chairman of the Board

Prior to joining ADC, Ghassan was the CEO of KATERRA Saudi Arabia, a leading Silicon Valley Construction Technology Company; prior to that, he worked for Schlumberger for 22 years, holding different leadership positions, last was President of the Eastern Middle East region for Schlumberger covering UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

Since the launch of the TAQA 2021 Strategy, key strategic objectives are being realized: portfolio optimization with JESCO divestiture, expanding OFSE offering through the acquisition of TENDEKA and TARGET Intervention along with the recent award of a Mega hydraulic fracturing contract, and finally the expansion of ARGAS operations into Oman and Egypt, will continue to focus TAQA’s efforts on profitable, sustainable growth bringing the utmost value to our shareholders, customers, and people.

About ADC:

The Arabian Drilling Company, the leading drilling contractor, and an award-winning corporate champion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was established in 1964 with a strong focus on operational excellence. It is a partnership between TAQA and Schlumberger that today operates 45 onshore and offshore drilling rigs in Saudi Arabia and the Neutral Zone.

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