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  • 1 August 2021

TAQA’s Highlights its Efforts in Geothermal Energy at Pivot 2021 Conference

Paving the way for sustainable energy through Geothermal at Pivot 2021 Conference

TAQA participated in Pivot 2021 conference, a yearly forum bringing together different stakeholders for the geothermal industry to collaborate. This year’s theme focused on geothermal as a unique baseload energy source and how oil and gas companies are harnessing its potential to meet the world energy demand for a sustainable future.

“TAQA’s geothermal journey started with the strong belief of achieving geothermal growth in the region, the company has been working towards transforming and growing its technical capabilities through establishing the Geothermal Center of Excellence to transfer and integrate its experience in geosciences, well services and drilling to the geothermal operations.

As the world faces multiple challenges, the need for more sustainable energy sources has increased, and through transferring its capabilities in oil and gas to geothermal, TAQA is paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable energy source in the region.”
Cannur Bozkurt, TAQA’s Geothermal Center of Excellence Manager

As part of its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 of increasing the contribution of renewables to the national energy ecosystem, TAQA has transferred its experience in directional drilling to the development of geothermal resources through its subsidiary “Cougar Drilling Solutions”. The company has been actively working in the field of directional drilling operations of geothermal projects for ten years, and to date more than 266 wells paralleling to 440 km of geothermal wells have been drilled in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

O&G and geothermal drilling can work in parallel given the significant similarities in the exploration and development processes. As such, TAQA’s focus now is on carrying out innovative solutions to speed up the geothermal utilization process through working on tools, models, deployment concepts and competitive downhole solutions.

Geothermal energy can be utilized in various forms such as direct use, electricity generation, space heating, heat pumps, greenhouse heating, and industrial operations.

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